Who Are We?

ThrillerEdge are obsessed with action, adventure and thriller novels and want to spread the enjoyment of reading gripping thriller tales worldwide.

ThrillerEdge is serious about boosting teen literacy levels, especially teenage boys, through engaging readers at schools and youth-focused support groups. Our event-based program aims to encourage Australia’s young adults to get in touch with their imaginations, get their hands on the latest, greatest action thrillers and rekindle their love of reading.


The Action Thriller Writers Association of Australia

ThrillerEdge is brought to you by the ATWAA, formed by a small, passionate collective of bestselling published authors, ranging from international espionage writer Chris Allen, epic storyteller Scott Baker, political action scribe Greg Barron, futuristic action novelist Nathan Farrugia, adventure raconteur Adrian d’Hage, noir crime narrator Luke Preston, grand master of thrillers Tony Park, police procedural expert Tony Cavanaugh, spy thriller novelist Mark Abernethy, and action screenwriter Steve Worland.

Some of Australia’s best-known and respected authors have joined forces with their publishers and enthusiastic fans to create ThrillerEdge.


We want to create the missing link between the writers and readers of thrilling stories, and the writers and readers of the future.

We want to create the place to be for thrillers!


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